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Phone & Tablet Repair


Great service, competitive prices and exceptional mobile phone knowledge. In simple words we have solutions for your tech retailed problems. 

Over the years we have secured a reputation for being your one stop mobile phone shop! Whether its a mobile phone repair you need or a top of the range accessory to personalize your phone or tablet – at One-Systems, we have it all!

We pride ourselves on our great customer service and impeccable store. Not to mention our friendly staff who are highly trained in areas of phone and tablet repairs, screen guard application, Bluetooth technology and various phone and tablet accessories.

We can safely guarantee that we are able to meet all your mobile needs, from the replacement of LCD screens and speakers to unlocking blocked phones, repairing water damage and more!

Drop into our store with your mobile phone or tablet and we’ll fix your device on the spot, no booking required.

iPhone and iPad repair

iPhone and iPad repair 

Computer & Laptop Repair

Repair and Data Recovery

 Our Repair Services offer a number of repair and upgrade services for your Laptop or Desktop Computer. Whether you use your computer for business, pleasure, gaming, home theater, or any other circumstance, our team of expert technicians will be happy to diagnose and remedy any problems you might be having. Services range from laptop screen repair, cooling system cleaning, virus removal, problems with startup, blue screen of death, upgrades of all types (RAM, Hard Drive, Video Card, Sound Card, etc.), and a range of optimization procedures to keep you running at full speed. We also offer emergency data recovery and hard drive repair, to restore your valuable data, including photos, videos, documents, and music.

  • Full diagnostic & repair of all software and hardware problems on your Laptop/Notebook or Desktop Computer.
  • Operating system cleanups and optimizations to improve performance.
  • Data recovery - recovering lost or deleted data from your hard drive.
  • Cleaning and optimizing hardware components and chipsets.
  • Hardware upgrade and replacement. (Memory, Hard Drives, CD/DVD Drives, Motherboards, Power Supplies, Video Cards, PCI Cards, Case, Power Buttons, Fans, Heat-sinks)
  • 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 Windows Operating System Reload, with user data migration.
  • DC Jack Repair for laptops with broken or loose power jacks.
  • LCD Screen and Inverter Replacement for laptops with blank or cracked displays.
  • Failed Motherboard Repair & Replacement.

computer and laptop repair

computer and laptop repair

Network & Security Solutions

Home/Business Network and Security


An optimized and well maintained network let you connect multiple computers to the internet, share files, pictures, music, and even share a printer with all of your computers! In today's modern homes and businesses, a reliable wireless or wired network is vital. With so many devices using your WiFi, from Laptops, Smartphones, Smart TVs to tablets and everything in between, its important that your wireless signal to be strong, stable and secure. Now that our movies and music are being streamed to us over WiFi and Ethernet connections, home networks are steadily becoming the main backbone of any home theater system. Almost all audio video components arriving on the market today come with either a wireless adapter, Ethernet jack, or both. At One-Systems our network experts can help you get the most out of your existing wired and wireless devices, and introduce you to new technologies to help you print, fax and manage your data effortlessly with no wires and no complicated setup. If you have areas of weak coverage, we can add in access points to boost your wireless signal so that you never drop coverage-even if you are out on your porch or sunbathing by the pool. With a reliable network, you can easily stream Netflix and Apple TV, and share music libraries between home computers and portable devices.

  • Wireless router setup (including firmware updates)
  • Wireless internet setup
  • Enabling and configuring Firewall.
  • Connecting to a Secure Network.
  • WiFi hotspot setup
  • Secure and password protect your network (wireless encryption configuration, password help, disable SSID)
  • Multi-computer networks
  • Network cabling and wiring
  • Optimizing the Operating System.

Network and Security

Network and Security

IT Consultancy & Business Solutions

IT strategy tailored to your needs

 In the information age, getting the right advice about technology for your business can be difficult. At One-Systems, we get to know your business, IT environment and infrastructure intimately. By evaluating these elements we are able to identify redundant IT systems, overlapping and outdated technology and IT services that may be hindering the overall performance of your business or project.

Concurrently, we work with you to develop an enterprise architecture that best aligns the business strategy, processes and project goals with technology. We are able to develop a robust and long-term strategy that acts as a road map for innovation, growth and competitive advantage.

One-Systems is one of the most ambitious technology consulting companies, we align our services with your business strategy and business objectives to deliver superior results.

IT business solutions

IT business solutions

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